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Looking to sell diamond jewelry
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When you're ready to sell jewelry do you think how does the transaction work? What should you expect? When will I get the money? Below you will find the answers for the best used jewelry buyer in Los Angeles and beyond.

Our guarantee is: Safe, Secure and Fair.

Simple, straightforward transactions have earned us our fine reputation and we enjoy a "AA" rating with the Better Business Bureau. When you want to sell jewelry here is how the transaction will work:

You request a used jewelry quote: You can do this online with our convenient and secure jewelry quote request form... CLICK HERE WHEN READY TO SELL and we will reply quickly.

We contact you with our opinion: Based on the information you supply us about your used jewelry and the asking price we will determine if you are asking market value. If so we are ready to buy if not we can often suggest other avenues to sell jewelry. We also have a jewelry buyers link page.

You decide: If we accept your asking price to sell your used jewelry that means we are ready to buy it now. We are rated with the B.B.B., a member of the GIA alumni and a Brinks Verified Recipient. If we can not use your diamond jewelry will can still suggest other avenues for you to liquidate your used jewelry. If your diamond jewelry is not yet appraised, no problem... please click here.

We evaluate your used jewelry: Our evaluation department has a complete GIA gem lab to examine your jewelry, diamonds or watches in house. If your verbal description of the quality and condition was accurate our price commitment will stand and payment will be sent out immediately.

You receive full payment: Per our company policy you will be sent full payment for your used jewelry within one business day after our agreement is complete.

You can view our fine business references by clicking the B.B.B. and GIA links on your left.
Contact us if you are ready to sell unwanted used jewelry or complete our jewelry buyers quote.

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BBB rated used jewelry buyers

We specialize in buying used jewelry and buying estate jewelry. We have no interest in buying costume jewelry. If you suspect or know that you have fine used diamond jewelry, used platinum jewelry, used gold jewelry or even signed silver jewelry you have found the the best place. We want to buy your used fine jewelry, dimaond jewelry and watches.

We are in the center of the famous Los Angeles jewelry district and we have direct access to thousands of customers every day who are looking to buy fine used jewelry, estate jewelry and watches. Demand in our area is high and therefore we can pay the best prices. If you want to sell diamond jewelry and are looking for top rated used jewelry buyers you are at the right place.

We can also issue GIA Graduate Gemologist appraisals, on-site, and while you wait (appointment required). If circumstances require we can bring our portable gemological lab to your location or bank in Los Angeles, California or elsewhere (call or email for more information, fees apply). We have prepared detailed appraisals throughout the United States as well as Canada, Hong Kong even New Dehli, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are also available for expert testimony regarding legal cases.

Keep in mind that an appraisal is a document which describes an item and lists the Retail Replacement Value. This value represents the replacement value in a retail enviornment, not the cash market value and is used for insurance purposes. We are also qualified to issue Market Value Appraisals which are often used for estate purposes. These values represent the actual market value which is much lower than the retail value and thus can give an enormous amounts of tax relief in an estate situation.

Verbal jewelry appraisals or offers to buy are given free of charge with an appointment at our location. We are BBB top rated used jewelry buyers

Who is Used Jewelry Buyers?

In the past four generations, the Benowitz family has purchased millions of dollars of fine used diamonds, used jewelry and used watches from people all over the world. We are known as used jewelry and used watch buyers, with many business associates in the United States city as well important world markets including Belgium, England, India and Asia. We are happy the Better Business Bureau has deemed us TOP RATED jewelry buyers in the USA.

We've been in the jewelry buying business for four generations. Our used jewelry buyer is expertly trained by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) in all facets of grading and buying large diamonds, fine jewelry, and fine watches. Let us know what you have to sell and you be pleased how simple, safe and secure your transaction will be with us.

Why Sell Used Jewelry To Us?

If you are thinking "I want to sell my diamond" or "I want to sell my used jewelry" you have come to the right place. We are GIA Graduate Gemologists. We are round diamond buyers, princess cut diamond buyers, emerald cut diamond buyers, yellow diamond buyers, pink diamond buyers... any and all fine quality used jewelry buyers. We buy large diamonds, we buy fine jewelry, and we buy fine watches almost every day, from $500 to $100,000 and up!

When we quote you a price, it's based on current world market conditions. Our fine reputation is your guarantee. When you sell used jewelry to us, you will receive top market value based on the gold and/or platinum weight, gemstone quality / weight and workmanship. * Insured packages are fully guaranteed for loss or theft for the FULL amount of the coverage.

How long does the process take?

When you are ready to sell used jewelry the process is quite simple. First complete our sell jewelry quote form CLICK HERE. We will contact you shortly and once we have reached an agreement we will provide you with complete information for safe and insured shipping or you may bring your items to our office.

Once the jewelry items are recieved and confirmed we will confidentially and quickly issue payment. There are several payment options offered based on the amount. Business check, certified check, wire tansfer or cash on the spot.

Buyers In House

Our nternational diamond and jewelry buyer will give you the best price for your large diamond, watch or jewelry. Our buyer has purchased millions and millions of dollars of diamonds, jewelry and watches from people around the world. Our professional diamond buying staff gives personal attention to every item we buy.

For 45 years the Benowitz family has been one of Americas strongest buyers of large diamonds five carats and larger. We maintain a worldwide client base and have waiting buyers for all larger diamonds, fine watches and jewelry. Therefore, when we buy your diamond, we can pay a premium over the current local market price. Before you sell any large diamond, contact us first for our free, no obligation offer.

Fast payment guaranteed!

We are GIA diamond buyers, AGS diamond buyers, EGL diamond buyers. Whether your diamond is certified or not we can safely, confidential and quickly finalize the transaction. Not only are we diamond buyers we are also jewelry buyers we are watch buyers and gemstone buyers


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